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Do I need a visa?

Yes. All visitors to Indonesia require a visa. If your stay is less than 30 days a “visa on arrival” (US$35.00) is the easiest solution but make sure your Passport is included in the 52 countries that this rule applies to. It is possible to extend this by another 30 days in Indonesia. For longer stays it is best to apply to your nearest Indonesian Consulate before your travel for a Social/Tourist visa for 60 days and this visa can also be extended while you are in Indonesia to allow a stay of up to six months.

Who requires a visa?


Citizens from 63 countries and 1 region are eligible to apply for a Visa on Arrival (VOA). This visa can be applied for after you have landed at certain airports and seaports in Indonesia. The Visa on Arrival can not be converted or extended to obtain an immigration permit. The maximum stay permitted by the visa on arrival is 30 days. If you want to stay longer than 30 days it is important to purchase the VOA which can then be extended.


Please be advised that Visa On Arrival may only be extended upon approval from the Director General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia in case of natural disaster, illness or accident, but cannot be transferred to another type of visa. Overstay visitors incur to pay a penalty of US$20.- per day/person (for under 60 days stay) whilst over 60 days stay will be a 5 (five) year prison sentence or a fine of IDR25.000.000 (local currency).

– Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 (six) months as from the date of entry into Indonesia.
– Onward or return tickets are compulsory
– No compulsory vaccinations

Should I have Travel/Medical Insurance?

This is not mandatory but recommended. Many surfers travel to Indonesia without insurance but it is a risk. Most injuries are smaller reef cuts and bruises but we have seen broken legs, arms and other serious injuries. Remember if an evacuation is required in the event of serious injury it could be costly.
Please click here to arrange your travel insurance

Do I need to rent a car/motorbike?

It’s not necessary if the point at out front is firing which is very common but if not then grab a motor bike and explore the many breaks nearby. All our motor bikes have board racks. There is always others to share the cost of Taxi for trips up and down the coast and that can be fun.