The coast line of South Sumatra is a surfers dream! So many surf spots that its always easy to get a surf. With so much choice it’s good to know that our staff can point you in the right direction and even arrange a surf guide with air conditioned car and driver/surf guide for the day or a motorbike with racks for your board.

From beach breaks, peaks, slabs and a few points there is a huge variety of waves to choose from. Different wind and swell directions have different places firing when you don’t expect so make sure to check out our surf photo gallery (links below or on main menu). Whatever happens there is always a wave breaking somewhere.   This part of the coastline of southern Sumatra delivers consistent quality waves most of the year. Generally the place is not crowded and you can always score waves with just a few friends. Live the dream.

Ujung Bocur
This is an excellent left point!! You won't want to get out of the water. Ujung Bocur is consistent and pretty much always has a wave, though it’s hollower and a bit more challenging at low tide.

Way Jambu
Way Jambu or 'The Sumatran Pipeline'  offers experienced surfers the barrel of their lives. Heavy, critical take-off into a top-to-bottom barrel. Easy, right? Has been featured as a secret spot in several videos. A must check, for sure.  15 minute drive south.

Krui Reefs Lefts and Rights
The waves in Krui about 20 minutes from the Losmen need a bigger swell to get going, but once they do, be on it. The left is a bit like Bingin in Bali with a more friendly reef and the right offers longer walls with the odd barrel. When Ujung Bocur is huge or the swell direction is just right, these waves are some of the best in the area. The Krui left is a mechanical barrel and can be a lot of fun. surf jimmys south sumatra krui surfing

Jimmy's Left and Right
Located just over an hour from the Losmen, Jimmy’s is another world class wave. Here you can enjoy either a long, hollow challenging left or a sucking, slightly less hollow right. Both break off the headland facing an amazing stretch of white sand beach.

mandiri beach break
A huge stretch of beautiful beach that is almost always fun and can get epic. Its always easy to find a barreling peak to yourself here. Hardly ever flat. It is about 15 minute drive north.

Honey Smacks
Popular with the body board crowd, Honey Smacks is a short but intense left barrel located just up from Jenny's right. If you're looking to score some barrels, this would be a good bet. 90 minute drive north

The Peak

Located just south of Krui Left, The Peak is a short right tube that fizzles out into deep water. Drop in, get barreled, repeat. Like the other Krui waves, needs a big swell to get going! Also popular with the body board crowd. More suited to bodyboarders.