Do I need a visa?
Yes. All visitors to Indonesia require a visa. If your stay is less than 30 days a “visa on arrival” (US$35.00) is the easiest solution but make sure your Passport is included in the 52 countries that this rule applies to. It is possible to extend this by another 30 days in Indonesia. For longer stays it is best to apply to your nearest  Indonesian Consulate before your travel for a Social/Tourist visa for 60 days and this visa can also be extended while you are in Indonesia to allow a stay of up to six months.

Should I have Travel/Medical Insurance?
This is not mandatory but recommended. Many surfers travel to Indonesia without insurance but it is a risk. Most injuries are smaller reef cuts and bruises but we have seen broken legs, arms and other serious injuries. Remember if an evacuation is required in the event of serious injury it could be costly.
Please click here to arrange your travel insurance

Do I need to rent a car/motorbike?
It’s not necessary if the point at out front is firing which is very common but if not then grab a motor bike and explore the many breaks nearby. All our motor bikes have board racks.  There is always others to share the cost of Taxi for trips up and down the coast and that can be fun.


What should I pack? 
Here is a list of items to consider :
Minimum 2 and up to 4 surfboards
(4 Boards can sometimes attact an additional fee on arrival at customs so pack them tight to avoid additional charges)
Surf wax (tropical)
Reef booties (Surf style)
spare leg ropes ,fins & keys

Sun screen – get the good stuff 30+SPF!
Mosquito repellent
A few t-shirts
2 or 3 pairs of board shorts

Long sleeved shirt
Photocopies of current passport
Travel Documents and Insurance Details  

First aid kit
Toiletries, don’t stress, most of this stuff can be purchased locally
Surfboard Ding repair kit
A good book, Laptop with movies and music on hard disc.
Electricity adaptor ( Indonesia is same as Europe- 2 round pins )
Snorkeling gear
Fishing gear, lures, rod, spear gun, etc if you are inclined to fish.
drivers licence - Good idea to have an International Licence

Rashie/Surf shirt for sun protection

Is there Malaria at Ujung Bocur
This area is well known for not having Malaria. Most visitors never take any anti-malaria pills, and been bitten by many mosquito’s there over the years. Of course it is not 100% that there is no malaria or such, any where in Indonesia there is that small chance you could get something. Typically from June to September there is hardly any mosquito’s around. But March, April, May, October & November can have more mosquito’s due to the extra rain then. All rooms have mosquito nets surrounding the beds, and fans so you can sleep in peace. For sure it is good to use insect repellant, and wear long sleeves and pants in the mornings and evenings. But in the middle of the dry season it really isn’t an issue.

How is the security?
All of our losmens have great security with staff that are on the job 24 hours a day. The only people allowed in the camps are guests and staff. Thieving is basically unheard of at Ujung Bocur. All your surfboards and gear are totally safe.

Whats included in the daily rate?
Airport transfers from the airport at Bandar Lampung to Tanjung Setia are NOT included. It is a 6 to 7 hour drive and is additional charge or can be included in package deals.
A surf guide will be able to accompany you to our various surf breaks.....this will be an additional charge.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the daily rate. Breakfast includes fresh fruit, muesli, fruit juice, coconuts and coconut milk, rice and eggs. . We will feed you at any time when you are hungry.
The usual standard dinner menu is a mix of vegetables, fish, chicken, eggs, fruit, rice, Indonesian specialties such as Gadogado, Tempe, tofu.
Extras that can be organized such as lobster, steak, etc need at least 24 hours notice.
There is unlimited fruit and purified drinking water available.

What other Activities are there?
This area is fortunate to have world class coral reefs  that offer amazing snorkeling and fishing. If you are a passionate fisherman or snorkeler we suggest you bring your own gear.
We can arrange day trips on a fishing boat to beautiful places with excellent fishing. Try a cruise to Banana Island where you can fish on the way and maybe get lucky with the very fast righthanders there.
There is spectacular jungle in the area with monkeys and coffee plantations. This is the home of the famous Lewak Coffee.
You can hire a motorbike with board racks and explore the area yourself.
Head into Krui town and choose from a number of internet cafes and Wi-Fi spots.
Relaxing walks through rice fields and fresh clean rivers. There are plenty of things to see and do and its always perfect for a little relaxing.